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Why Choose Acapulco?

Spring Break Acapulco Devil Acapulco Bikini Contest Playa Suites Pool Party

    Why has Acapulco grown to be a #1 Spring Break destination in Mexico for American college and university students?

    • Location of MTV Spring Break 2010
    • World famous nightlife!
    • Dance all night with the Devil at Palladium Nightclub
    • Playa Suites 24/7 All Inclusive Spring Break Resort
    • Beautiful bays
    • Gorgeous beaches
    • Cliff divers! The spectacular Quebrada, where fearless divers plunge 130 feet, and land in a 12-foot-deep cove, has been one of Mexico's famous attractions since the 1940s.

For the more sophisticated traveler, Acapulco will charm your with beauty and thrills!

Acapulco, short for Acapulco de Juárez, is a town and seaport in the Guerrero State of southern Mexico, on the Pacific Ocean. Located in a setting of great natural beauty, Acapulco is sometimes called the Riviera of Mexico. It has luxury hotels, gambling casinos, and excellent beaches. Known for being a 24-hour paradise, Acapulco never rests!

The Weather

The climate is warm and pleasant between December and April but hot, humid, and rainy from May to November.

Everyone dresses informally in public and office areas. The rule of thumb is to pack lightweight, casual attire for leisure and semi-dressy occasions. The climate is tropical, similar to Miami or Hawaii. During the winter months, a light wrap, sweater or jacket is comfortable at night.

Entry Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Citizens of the United States are required to present a valid passport . A tourist card (provided at the airport) must also be completed, presented upon entering Mexico, retained during one's stay, and surrendered upon leaving the country.


Many people in Acapulco have an understanding of the English language. Most service employees speak both English and Spanish.


Taxis are readily available in Acapulco. Be sure to inquire about the fare to your destination before getting into the cab. You may ask at your hotel what a specific trip should cost. Tipping the driver is not expected. Public bus service is also available at an affordable rate.

Changing Money

You have several options to change your dollars into Pesos. You can usually change money at your hotel, although the rates may not be the best. Currency exchange houses have longer hours than the banks and both have good rates. Another option is to use your credit card since they usually get the best bank rates. Click here to check the current exchange rate.


The same as in the U.S.A. and Canada: 110 volts, 60 cycles, A.C.


The general custom is to tip 15% on restaurants and bar bills, $2 (US) per person for bellboys, and $2 (US) per room/per night for maids.

Dining and Drinking

With so much to choose from when it comes to dining in Acapulco, you can find something to satisfy any, and every appetite. Whether you prefer the local traditional cuisine or just want pizza, Acapulco has an array of restaurants and bars to choose from. The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years.

About the Water

The water in Acapulco is generally safe and purified but care must still be taken to avoid Turista, which causes symptoms such as stomach discomfort. Next, although the water in the hotels is considered safe, we suggest drinking bottled water to avoid any risk. If for any reason you should feel under the weather, our staff can refer you to one of our trusted MDs.

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