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Spring Break Lake Havasu

Why Choose Lake Havasu, Arizona for Spring Break?

Spring Break at Lake Havasu Lake Havasu Spring Break Party Girls at Lake Havasu

Why has Lake Havasu remained such a  popular Spring Break destination for American college and university students?

  • Floating parties on the water
  • Great chilled out vibe and laid-back atmosphere
  • Loads of watersports to choose from
  • Plenty of great bistros and restaurants
  • Plenty of great bistros and restaurants
  • Lively Spring Break crowds
  • Hot temperatures and loads of sunshine
  • Spectacular scenery making it a Spring Break with a view
  • Lots of nightlife in town or on the beach


If you've got a boat of some description, then a Lake Havasu Spring Break will be perfect for you!  Picture the scene. You on your boat. Long, hot, sunny days. The breathtaking montain backdrop of Lake Havasu. Thousands of other Spring Breakers, looking for a good time. Plenty of cold drinks flowing. Music pumping. Boats tied bumper to bumper to create one huge floating party.

Sound good? Then get yourself ready for the Spring Break party of a lifetime! Lake Havasu is a Spring Break hotspot – particularly if you're in that older crowd who have been there and done that in terms of all the traditional Spring Break vacation destinations. If you want a Spring Break with a difference, Lake Havasu won't disappoint! With its spectacular scenery, hot desert climate, 400+ miles of gorgeous coastline, fantastic watersports and a great party atmosphere, it's the perfect destination for a fun and memorable Spring Break

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Lake Havasu used to be nothing more than a very remote part of the Colorado River, winding its lonely way through the desert. The construction of the Parker Dam in the 1930s created the lake, but the city itself was not established until the 1960s, by its ambitious founder, Robert McCulloch.

It was McCulloch who set up and encouraged the growth of Lake Havasu City – and his biggest success came from his idea of finding a good tourist attraction for his city. His search took him to London, England, where the famous and historic London Bridge was undergoing a bit of a crisis and sinking into the River Thames – and in 1968, London sold the bridge to McCulloch for 2.5 million dollars. Another three years and 7 million dollars later, London Bridge had been dismantled, shipped bit by bit, and rebuilt at its new home: Lake Havasu, where it connects the city with an island in the lake. A quaint English Village was constructed underneath the famous arches, and McCulloch's tourist attraction was complete – today, London Bridge is the most popular attraction in Arizona after the Grand Canyon!


If you want fun in the sun, there's nowhere more ideal than Lake Havasu. Firstly, there's the floating party scene – it's pretty normal for students to tie their boats together to form one giant platform – that way, you can hop from one deck to the next and discover new people and new parties. It's a great atmosphere, and a fantastic way to get to know people and enjoy cold drinks and loud music in the sunshine, with the spectacular mountain backdrop that only Lake Havasu can provide.

And if you're looking for action, look no further than Lake Havasu's famous watersports scene. It really is an excellent destination for anyone interested in waterskiing, white water rafting and all sorts of other fun watersports. For those who prefer a gentler pace, there are plenty of relaxing water tours to let you enjoy the beautiful Lake Havasu scenery, and other acticities such as mountain biking, hiking, fishing, or even just swimming from your boat. Take it at your own pace  on your Lake Havasu Spring Break.

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Lake Havasu is a serious party zone at Spring Break. There are several clubs to choose from when night falls - some even have awesome outdoor parties right on the Colorado River! And that's not to mention the great selection of breweries, sports bars and saloons that make up the Lake Havasu nightlife.

Check out somewhere like Kokomo Havasu if you want the essence of a Spring Break vibe – it's an amazing beach and surf party bar located right on the water, and it calls itself the West Coast Superclub. Rightly so: it's the biggest dance club in the southwest, with over 10,000 square feet of dance floors and bars, and even a swimming pool! It offers a unique Spring Break experience and is always packed with students dancing to Trance, Retro and Hip-Hop.

There are also plenty of places like the Naked Turtle Beach Bar, on the beach and full of that chilled Lake Havasu atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a few mellow drinks on the beach with friends, or a full-on nightclub experience, you'll find it at Lake Havasu!


Lake Havasu is a laid-back place. People mostly wear whatever makes them comfortable, and shoes aren't commonly worn. Sandals or flip-flops are good enough – let's face it, you'll be spending most of your time on boats, on the beach, or in the water!


Lake Havasu City has an arid desert climate, which means that it is, in a word, hot. The summer temperatures generally reach 100-110°F, but Spring Break is an ideal time to visit for gorgeously warm weather that is much more comfortable!

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Lake Havasu is in the USA, and shares entry requirements with the rest of the United States.


English is the primary language.


Park your car and donít touch it until Spring Break is over. A DUI or DWI is a sure way to ruin your trip. Taxis, buses and other paid transportation alternatives are readily available.

City Transit Services run seven days a week; 6am to 9pm Monday-Friday, and 6am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

You can probably manage to get around where you need to on foot, though – or by car if that's how you've arrived here. And of course, the real way to get around Lake Havasu is by boat!



One of the benefits of choosing to stay within the US for your Spring Break vacation is that you're spared the hassle of changing money! Lake Havasu uses US dollars.


The typical set up in the U.S.A. and Canada: 110 Volts, 60 cycles, A.C.


Just like any other city in America, tipping is expected on all services. As is normal, you should tip 15% for lunch and 20% for dinner. A few dollars will suffice as a tip for a cab ride.


The most touristy area of Lake Havasu is the part surrounding the London Bridge – there, you'll find loads of tourist-oriented restaurants and cafés. However, there's a much bigger selection of places to eat in Lake Havasu than just around the bridge. There are, after all, hundreds of miles of coastline! You've got to try the fresh seafood after one of the regular professional fishing tournaments – or even dine at one of the open air patio restaurants where you can watch the boats and the fishing taking place. In terms of other types of food, you'll find a great variety of international cuisine in Lake Havasu, such as Mexican, Italian and Chinese as well as traditional American fare, and of course, the seafood. There are lots of resorts with more eateries, as well as plenty of bistros and restaurants frequented by the locals.


The tap water in Lake Havasu is safe to drink.





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