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Why Choose Mazatlan?

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Why is Mazatlan the #1 Spring Break destination in Mexico for American college and university students from the West Coasts?

  • The best value for your Spring Break dollar
  • World's most exotic bars and clubs rage until the early hours of the morning
  • Incredible hotels and beaches
  • Home to the longest stretch of uninterrupted beach in all of Mexico
  • In the past 26 years, only 4 days of rain in March
  • Beautiful sun drenched skies and low humidity everyday
  • Mazatlan's intimate resort area puts hotels, clubs and restaurants within easy walking distance
  • Food and beverage is 30-50% less than most Spring Break destinations
  • Charming, romantic setting with jaw-dropping panoramic sunsets
  • Mazatlan's jungle-like islands offer a unique retreat from the usual beach atmosphere
  • Unlimited recreational activities


Catch the Spring Break Party Bus to Mazatlan

Join thousands of students from ASU, Arizona, UT Austin, Texas State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor and more.

One of the top choices for Spring Break for college students is Mazatlan, which is widely acclaimed for its long strip of fabulous beaches, emerald coast and exciting nightlife. The city is built on a peninsula across from the southern tip of Baja, California. The average temperature during Spring Break is a perfect 85 degrees during the day and 70 at night. The accommodations in Mazatlan are reasonably priced and offer a wide selection of amenities. Spring Break in Mazatlan is unforgettable with nightclubs open 'til dawn. And of course, the warm sandy beaches are available 24 hours a day! Is it any wonder that cheap flights to Mazatlan sell out so fast? You'd better make your travel plans well ahead of time! Don't let the party happen without you!

Mazatlan is Mexico's hottest destination and is priced at an amount students can easily afford. Mazatlan does not disappoint any Spring Breaker!

About Mazatlan

When you think of West Coast Spring Break destinations, Mazatlan tops the list. The unbeatable value that the city offers to students is complemented by the outrageous nightlife and beautiful weather that draws over 100,000 students each year. The fact that Mazatlan gears itself exclusively towards American Spring Breakers adds to the excitement of the overall Spring Break experience. Dollar for dollar, Mazatlan is the best buy in Mexico. American Spring Breakers love Mazatlan and the people of Mazatlan love Spring Breakers.

Mazatlan has everything that a Spring Breaker could dream of; perfect weather, beautiful sandy beaches, warm ocean waves, unlimited recreational activities, unparalleled night life and students from all over the United States. Mazatlan is famous for its incredible panoramic sunset, superb value, and fresh seafood and party 'til you drop atmosphere.


Generations of students have enjoyed Mazatlan's hospitality for over 30 years. Nestled between the warm blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged jungle terrain of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Mazatlan is one of Mexico's largest vacation resort cities, boasting the longest stretch of uninterrupted beach in all of Mexico! Mazatlan is also Mexico's largest Pacific Ocean seaport, attracting commercial fishing and cruise ships from around the world. Mazatlan has more to offer than some of the more commercial resorts with its incomparable sport fishing, three jungle like islands, nearby colonial villages, historic sights and natural wonders.

Daytime Activities

During the day you can party it up at one of the daily Paradise Parties beach bashes at Bora Bora or Joes Oyster Bar with outrageous contests and volleyball tournaments, of course you can just lay out at the pool and work on your tan. There are also great para sailing, Jet Ski rentals, ocean kayaks, deep-sea fishing and a host of other activates to make Mazatlan a Spring Breakers paradise.

The NightLife

Paradise Parties Spring Break Vacations hosts a different nightclub every night of the week with various theme parties and contests to make it a week to remember. Mazatlan has the biggest foam party in the northern hemisphere at Sumbawa and the famous Fiesta Land Complex ("the Castle on the Rocks") housing the Bora Bora Beach Club and Valentino's disco tech. Mazatlan has also just reopened the new beach club Sumbawa for 2010.

The Weather

Mazatlan is blessed with an ideal climate. Located on the mainland due east of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, about 700 miles south of the United States border, Mazatlan is on the same latitude as Honolulu, Hawaii and has an average temperature of 80 F year round.

Entry Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Citizens of the United States are required to present a valid passport . A tourist card (provided at the airport) must also be completed, presented upon entering Mexico, retained during one's stay, and surrendered upon leaving the country.

If traveling via bus a passport card is acceptable.


Many people in Mazatlan have an understanding of the English language. Most service employees speak both English and Spanish.


Taxis may be taken directly from the hotels and are available 24 hours a day. It is always advisable to settle on the fare before taking a taxi. As of 1995, all taxis in Mazatlan are new and air-conditioned. Another popular option is the pulmonia. Pulmonias are unique to Mazatlan, these open-bodied, converted taxis will transport a maximum of four passengers. Service is available 24 hours a day. Fare guidelines are the same as for taxis.

Another option is public buses. Buses operate from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm and are very inexpensive. However, at peak hours of the day they may be very crowded. The "Sabalo/Basilica" bus will take you to the Golden Zone, Olas Altas and to Downtown. As of 1995, all city buses are new and air-conditioned.

Changing Money

You have several options to change your dollars into Pesos. You can usually exchange money at your hotel, although the rates may not be the best. Currency exchange houses have longer hours than the banks and both have good rates. Another option is to use your credit card since they usually get the best bank rates. Click here to check the current exchange rate.


The same as in the U.S.A. and Canada: 110 Volts, 60 cycles, A.C.


The general custom is to tip 15% on restaurants and bar bills, $2 (U.S.) per person for bellboys, and $2 (U.S.) per room/per night for maids.

Dining and Drinking

Mazatlan has many restaurants and food stands to accommodate every appetite. Restaurants generally open at 7:00 am for breakfast, and most remaining open through midnight. Legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years.

About the Water

The water in Mazatlan is generally safe and purified but care must still be taken to avoid Turista, which causes symptoms such as stomach discomfort. Next, although the water in the hotels is considered safe, we suggest drinking bottled water to avoid any risk. If for any reason you should feel under the weather, our staff can refer you to one of our trusted MDs.

The Castle at Night
The Castle at Night

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