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Spring Break Panama City Beach Spring Break 2013

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Why Choose Panama City Beach?

MTV Spring Break Flo Rida Concert Panama City Spring Break MTV Spring Break Beach Party

Why is Panama City Beach the #1 Cheap Spring Break destination in the United States for university and college students?

  • Home to MTV Spring Break
  • Over ½ million college students each year!
  • Great for a road trip – no passport required
  • A-List celebrities – mtvU Beach Parties and Concerts
  • Home to mega clubs such as Club La Vela – the largest in the US
  • Huge beach parties
  • 18 to party – 21 to drink
  • Clubs stay open 'til 4am

Spring Break Specials

One of the top choices for Spring Break for university and college students is Panama City Beach, known as one of the worldís most beautiful beaches and host to the most MTV Spring Break events .

Itís one of the quietest towns that turns into an all out party each spring as thousands of co-eds come make their way to the stunning coastlines and small town feel. Because of the smaller feel the city is more accommodating and the locals might just party alongside you as well as they serve you local favorite foods and offer drink specials.


With some of the most spectacular waters in the world and beaches with fine white sand that feels like baby powder, youíll think you ended up in paradise and at the end of your weekís stay you wonít want to leave. The scenery is breathtaking and the town charming. Itís like a home away from home, only better because this one is filled with alcohol, parties, beautiful people and lots of stuff to do, none of it involving term papers or laundry.
Whether you just want to hang out on the beach and drink or you want to take part in every activity and adventure, Panama City Beach Spring Break is sure to be your perfect fit.

Bikini Girls Spring Break


A small town with only 7500 citizens to its name, each year it welcomes thousands of spring breakers ready to enjoy the fine white sand and beautiful sunshine. It has the home town feel but loves the transformation it undergoes for a few weeks each year because the entire city becomes a haven for spring break partiers and all their needs. The water is incredible and most people tend to spend their days in the sand enjoying the cool water and taking in the beauty of the land.


MTV & mtvU Spring Break Beach Concerts are a must see during Panama City Spring Break. Volleyball tournaments, slip and slides and more are among the contests daily at the Boardwalk Beach Resort. There are tons of aquatic sports and activities to try. But what you really want to try is diving whether it be skin diving, snorkeling or scuba diving. Panama City Beach is known for its incredible coral reefs and remarkable ocean life. . Then of course the beach parties never end and there is always something to do at the local arcades, go-kart race tracks and miniature golf courses. No glass bottles allowed on the beach or at the pools

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Every night Panama City Spring Break will host a different nightclub event. You will hear the ceremonial blast of a canon as the sun sets. This signifies that itís party time. When the sun goes down the parties just get hotter. Home to mega clubs such as Club La Vela and Spinnaker, two the biggest clubs in the country. Club La Vela has over 13 different themed rooms to check out. Hit up each club in town for a taste of different musical varieties and drink selections. Or sit back in a lounge chair on the beach and watch the various blues and beach music groups perform


Bikini and a tan. Most establishments require shoes and a shirt but many beachside bars and patio restaurants forgo even those requirements. The clubs all have dress codes at night and are strictly enforced. It is not a topless beach so if you desire to bare it all you need to find somewhere else.


Youíll most likely get a breeze to cool you off from the average 80 degrees F that Panama City Beach reaches during the weeks of spring break. Sometimes it is cooler but then you still have to factor in the humidity which can make it seem hotter than it really is

Spring Break Panama City Beach


It is part of the United States so all U.S. citizens are welcome. No passport required


English is the primary language.


Park your car and donít touch it until Spring Break is over. A DUI or DWI is a sure way to ruin your trip. Taxis, buses and other paid transportation alternatives are readily available. Charity groups also offer free rides during Spring Break. Or you can rent a bike and take a nice ride along the coastline and through the wildlife parks. It will be a welcome break from all the hours of drunken chaos.


The U.S. dollar and coin is accepted everywhere. Most restaurants, hotels and shops will accept credit cards, namely Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Travelerís checks and money orders/cashierís checks can be used at some facilities or exchanged at banks.


The typical set up in the U.S.A. and Canada: 110 Volts, 60 cycles, A.C.


Most people tip around 15% on restaurants and bar tabs, $2 (U.S.) per person for bellboys, and $2 (U.S.) per room/per night for maids. On large parties of eight or more, most restaurants will include a tip of 18% in the bill for you.


Panama City Beach Spring Break offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars to choose from all along the beach and throughout the town. The area is well known for its Seafood restaurants. Hours vary from place to place but you can find something open from 6 am for breakfast the wee hours of morning. Many bars stay open to 4 am. 18+ to get into the clubs but the legal drinking age is 21.


TThe water is perfectly safe to drink in all restaurants, hotels and public drinking fountains. The ocean water is safe to go in and drink although it is very salty.

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